Rotan School Board Meeting


The Rotan ISD School Board got to enjoy some entertainment before they got down to business last week.  Rotan ISD spotlighted the state competing Rotan Yellowhammer Band, who played several musical excerpts from their upcoming Christmas concert. 

   After band’s performance, the board heard a report from 5th graders, Riley Hurt and Sterling Bowen, who informed the board about “The Big Event”. The Big Event is a night of fun and education the school holds as a reward to select students that have maintained met certain for the year. 

   “You have to have perfect attendance, good grades, and you can’t get in trouble,” said Sterling.

   “So, did you get to go?” asked board member, Britt Sipe.

   “Well, Yes,” said Sterling in such a matter-of-fact tone it elicited a great deal of laughter from the board.

   Riley reported on some of the things the Big Event had to offer. “They taught us about Indians and how they used every part of the buffalo for something. There were wooden horses we could ride and saddles we could sit on. There were lassos and they taught us how to use lassos. They also had a horseshoe class. And after a while, we got to roast hotdogs and marshmallows.”

   When all students had cleared the boardroom, the board moved on to business where they cast their votes for the Fisher County Appraisal District Board of Directors. Rotan ISD 615 votes. The members of the School Board split their votes between Rayford Hargrove and Vick Burk. 

   The School Board cast their 155 eligible votes for the Stonewall County Appraisal District. Once again Rotan ISD School Board split their votes between Kenny Spitzer and Barry Richardson.

   The board considered the adoption of policy update 103. Policy 103 is an umbrella policy covering smaller policies, which addresses and clarifies topics such as: the terms Trustee and Board Member are interchangeable when drawing up official school related documentation, or the policy banning e-cigarettes from all school facilities. Additional policies contained in 103 have to do with firearms on or around campus, maximum student charges allowable in the school cafeteria and subsequent repercussions for exceeding that amount. 

   Essentially, legislation states a school district must have a written policy addressing anything from clarifying terminology, to working with contractors or vendors, to sexual harassment of unpaid interns. Within Policy 103 each of these legislation mandated items are outlined and addressed. 

   The board approved Policy 103 update.

   Also under consideration was the local revision of Policy FNF. This is a clarification of the school’s drug policy, ensuring not only does the policy match the practice, but that the policy as well as school and athletic handbooks contain the exact information. The local revision states students involved in extra curricular activities who fail a random drug test will be removed from participating in all extra curricular activities for 365 days. Additionally, the student will be required to attend drug counseling courses and be retested in order to return to activities after the conclusion of the 365 day period. However, if a student voluntarily provides the information to school officials i.e. confesses to using drugs prior to being notified of a drug test, the student would attend drug counseling courses and be retested at the end of the 365 day period but would still be allowed to participate in extra curricular activities.

   The board approved the revision of Policy FNF.

   The board briefly discussed potential future plans for the downtown recreation center. There have been community members who have expressed interest in acquiring either use, or ownership, of the building.

   Coach Meador presented several mockups for new football uniforms to the school board for their consideration. Meador brought with him a number of color schemes and accompanying prices for next year’s uniform. Although many of the mockups had the traditional orange and white colors, others had a uniform using a primarily black color with orange accents. 

   “The third color [black] may not go over well, but it is what a lot of schools, including colleges, are going to,” said Meador.

   The reasoning behind using a majority black color in the uniform is the coaching staff believe the black color will hold up better and show less stains over so many weeks of heavy use. The purpose of bringing the uniform concepts to the board was to get their impressions on how the community would feel about a uniform with a predominantly black color scheme.

   “I personally think...



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