4-H cultivates Fisher County

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When Justin McGriff (29) took over the duties of the Fisher County Extension Agent last March, the folks at Texas A&M told him to write down a few goals regarding the local 4-H program. Based on the previous year’s enrolment of 8 students, McGriff felt it would be a realistic goal to double that number by the end of the year. Justin said, “I wanted to try to come up with a goal I felt we could obtain here in Fisher County, so I thought going from 8 to 16 kids enrolled would be a goal we could reach.” The 4-H program has now grown the to almost 40 kids enrolled.

   4-H essentially grew out of local youth organizations throughout the country, such as those developed by E.C. Bishop, who in 1905, created 2 groups: Boys Agricultural Association and the Nebraska Girls Domestic Science Association. The boys worked with animals, raising livestock and learning how to judge livestock shows, and the girls exhibited sewing and cooking projects and held contests to judge their work as well. Now, both boys and girls learn all aspects of all activities, from livestock events to public speaking and from sewing to competition shooting.

   Holding only a couple of informal meetings a year, there hasn’t been an active 4-H program, in the county in a number of years. This was something Justin wanted to change, but he knew he had to work hard to make it worthwhile. So when he began....



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