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“Silence, too, can be torture.” ~ Justina Chen Headley

I’ve about had all I can stand and can no longer be silent. It’s the same feeling I get in my stomach if I drink cow’s milk and the lactose intolerant gene gets activated. Is it just me or is about half of America so anxious and emotionally bankrupt that we must take our animals to movies, shopping, church and every place we go?

Wil and I are both animal lovers and good pet parents, just ask our animals, the cows, calves, dogs, and cats. I say God bless true service dogs and God bless those who need them to live a better life – especially our veterans. God bless those who train those service dogs and those who provide the funding. I’m talking about all the none service animals I see in the places I go. They are in grocery stores, movies, church, anyplace their human goes, they are leashed to them. People enough is enough! Make an appointment with your doctor and get a prescription for what’s bothering you or see a therapist.

Recently, I was shopping alongside a woman in Sam’s Club who had a monkey with her. I was afraid of what that little cute monkey might do if he or she didn’t like the price of groceries or a kid tried to pet it. Nothing signifying it was a service animal. I sped away before it thought my hair needed grooming – which it did.

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