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2 Cents Worth

Grab you a glass of ice cold tea, it's hot outside, but nothing what it was last Monday, it was 114 and Joe's garden cooked on the vine by the time we got Monday, tuesday and Wednesday heat temperatures, it was horrible, but it didn't stop the grass hoppers thought sure some of them would die!!!!! First of all thanks to all of you who have let me know how much you are enjoying the column, that makes me try a little harder each week to keep you entertained a little while in this horrible time we are going through. Thanks to all of our doctors, nurses and everyone that works in our hospitals trying to keep us safe and get well, they are all give out. Our delivery men that bring whatever we need, our stock people in the grocery stores, all of them that work in them, thank you for working so we can buy groceries so much we took for granted before all of this, and we sure don't take anything for granted anymore. Thanks to Ashley for keeping our library open up here in Aspermont, so many are reading because they can't do anything else, trying to keep themselves safe. Joe and I had to make a trip to Rotan last week, and I was so hungry for a good canalope so I said Joe, "Let's stop at Thriftway and see if one of our farmers have brought watermelons and canalopes in, well, they had the Pecos ones in and they were so good, Always enjoy visiting at home, but this time we didn't too dangerous for all of us, just have to wave at everyone. Please be sure and keep those mask on, those hands washed, and keep your distance, and that distance is hard for me because as you all know me I like to give everyone a hug, and that is a no! NO! now, We visited Brian and Charlyn while we were in Abilene, his garden is like Joe's burned up, he's trying to keep his flowers alive but like mine they need a good rain on them. We went to Buffalo Springs lake over the weekend to check on Joe's son, Buzz, he had a fight with a riding lawn mower and the lawn mower won!!!!! It rolled over on him, and hurt his shoulder, felt so sorry for him, he had taken a weeks vacation to bring as he says a lot of junk to Aspermont and put in Joe's barn, well that stopped that. Joe tried to get him to let us come and he would get help to get it down here but he didn't want his dad out in this heat. He was so unhappy with himself pulling a dumb stunt like that, and I told him things like that just happen. We enjoyed the visit, the little great grand kids enjoyed the water, I think they both have web feet, they love the water, and their grandmother has ever kind of water toy you can think of for them to play on.







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